Trends in Cardiovascular Engineering and Its Advances

Dr A Mohamed Sikkander 1 , Dr.Rekha Kandula2

TBEAH . 2022 October; 3(2): 1-6. Published online 2022 October

Abstract : The aim of this study is to represent “trends in cardiovascular engineering and its advances”. Cardiovascular diseases create a negative impact on medical science. Different types of modern machines and technologies are used to reduce those diseases. Stroke, heart attacks, heart failure, heart valve complications and arrhythmia are main cardiovascular diseases. Blood vessels and heart molecules need proper supply of oxygen to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Every person should maintain a healthy diet and exercise on a daily basis to mitigate those issues significantly. Various kinds of therapies and technologies are used by a technologist to manage cardiovascular engineering in an organised manner. Every technologist must have ideas and thoughts related to usage of those technologies. For this reason, these individuals can provide better suggestions to their patients. Cardiovascular engineering helps to maintain a wide range of engineering projects and biomedical in an organised way. Up to date and modern technologies are implemented in cardiovascular engineering and its trends. Biomaterials and regenerative technologies are used to provide better services and treatments to the patients. Experienced technologists can easily provide better treatments in any emergency cases. Tissue engineering and delivery of bimolecular includes in this particular engineering process.

Keyword : Cardiovascular, stroke, heart attack, biomaterials

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