Self-Reflection and Social Reflection: Assessment of Emotional Expressions of Pubescents

Chhaya K. Kokate 1

TBEAH . 2022 April; 3(1): 10-14. Published online 2022 April 15

Abstract : An individual’s capacity to understand, think and express about oneself, other people and his/her experiences is often reflected through facial movements, bodily actions and complex non-verbal behaviour. School environment provides a wider platform to connect with variety of people and student’s interactions become more extensive. It is important to know, what they are experiencing, how they are feeling and what they are going through. Assessing the emotional expressions of students is essential in order to provide support and to help them to build a positive outlook towards themselves and society. With the purpose of studying the self-assessment of students in terms of their emotional expressions, the present investigation was carried out on 475 pubescents studying in 7th, 8th, 9th class. Partially standardised questionnaire was prepared to collect the data on two variables i.e., self-reflections and social reflections.

Keyword : biomedical waste, primary healthcare, personal protective equipment, hygiene, monitoring.

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