Molar Distalization using Orthodontic Implants-A Review & A Case Report of Emotional Expressions of Pubescents

Dr Asmita Ray 1 , Dr Vaibhav Khare 2 , Dr Sangamesh B 3

TBEAH . 2022 April; 3(1): 15-25. Published online 2022 April 15

Abstract : Treatment of class II malocclusion often require maxillary molar distalization. Some of the cases can be treated by non-extraction treatment modalities such as headgear, removable appliances, and intraoral distalizers such as the Pendulum appliance, Distal Jet, and Jones Jig. Anchorage loss from proclination of anterior teeth, distal tipping and increased overjet are major concerns with most of these appliances; some also require active patient compliance22.

Keyword : Molar distalization, Skeletal anchorage, Temporary anchorage devices, Distalization appliances

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