The Incidence of Oral Ulcers, Lacerations, Bracket Bond Failure and Perceived Pain during Fixed Orthodontic Mechanotherapy of Emotional Expressions of Pubescents

Dr. Sawita Kumari 1 , Dr. Sangamesh B 2 , Dr. Vaibhav Khare 3 , Dr. Sonia Sharma 4 , Dr. Renuka B 5

TBEAH . 2022 April; 3(1): 26-34. Published online 2022 April 15

Abstract : The present study observes the occurence of oral ulcers, lacerations, bracket bond failure and pain in 42 patients undergoing corrective orthodontic treatment. The data was compared before treatment (T0) and 30 days onto the treatment (T1). 26.19% patients had oral ulcerations and lacerations during treatment; 23.80% experienced noticeable pain on chewing caused by the fixed appliance. High number of bracket bond failures were observed in mandibular arch. Mandibular premolar had highest bracket bond failure incidence.These factors affects the treatment time, cost and compliance of the patient if not addressed immediately.

Keyword : oral ulcers and lacerations, bracket bond failure, pain perception

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