Aim & Scope

The primary objective of the Transaction on Biomedical Engineering Applications And Healthcare journal, popularly known as the TBEAH journal, is to serve as a comprehensive, open-access platform that is dedicated solely to facilitating the progress and advancement of the field of Biomedical Engineering by -

  1. offering gifted and talented researchers engaged within the domain of Biomedical Engineering a unique setting for them to get their work published and elevate their reputations/standing within the global community, as well as,
  2. providing professionals, students, academics, and scholars free access to the latest and most advanced research outcomes, findings, and studies, being carried out in the field of Biomedical Engineering, all across the world.
Subject Area

Related Topics:

  1. 1. Biomedical signal processing
  2. 2. Biomedical imaging and image processing
  3. 3. Bioinstrumentation
  4. 4. Biosensors
  5. 5. Bio-micro/nano technology
  6. 6. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  7. 7. Biomedical modeling and computing
  8. 8. Cardiovascular Engineering
  9. 9. Neural and Rehabilitation Engineering
  10. 10. Biomechanics
  11. 11. Robotics
  12. 12. Therapeutic and diagnostic systems, devices and technologies
  13. 13. Clinical Engineering
  14. 14. Healthcare information systems and telemedicine
  15. 15. Other emerging topics in biomedical engineering