Role of Clinical Engineering in Hospitals

Dr.Rekha Kandula 1 , Dr P Hariharan2

TBEAH . 2022 October; 3(2): 25-30. Published online 2022 October

Abstract : Clinical engineering is mainly facilitated with the advanced technological effects that can adopt safety process in hospitals. This engineering is considered as the logical process to maintain the procedure of health services. The engineers should form proper culture and regular check up of different instruments to form easy access at the time of operation. Health technology creates a positive impact on clinical engineering in hospitals for providing better treatments to patients. Modern equipment and services are used by clinical engineers for better services. Wellness programs play an indispensable role for maintaining a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. Cancer, malaria and dengue viruses create a negative impact on the health and mental conditions of a person. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are used to provide better treatments for cancer patients. Biomedical engineering is used as a segment of clinical engineering within hospital premises. Healthy behaviours are managed by every person with help of this clinical engineering. Chloroquine phosphate and artemisinin-based combination therapies are used for malaria viruses. These treatments can from betterment in healthcare activity to human being

Keyword : Clinical engineering, technology, hospitals, healthcare

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