Significance and Application of Robotics in the Healthcare and Medical Field

Gayathri Vijayakuymar 1 , Suresh B2

TBEAH . 2022 October; 3(2): 13-18. Published online 2022 October

Abstract : Technologies have a great impact on the Healthcare and medical sectors as this helps the professionals to boost their productivity and efficiency to a great extent. Robotics has a great influence on the entire activity of the health care sector and this has the capability of changing the entire workflow. With the assistance of robotics and artificial intelligence HealthCare professionals upgrade their day to day operation and provide best patient care for the betterment and first recovery of the patient. In the majority of cases robots are eventually used to make the surgeries and the recovery of the patient more effective and impactful. On the other hand, this also has the pharmaceutical and other Healthcare systems to meet the demand of the market place with the help of enhanced productivity and efficiency. Despite the advantages there are a number of different challenges and disadvantages are also involved with the overall implication of robotics in the healthcare and medical field. The challenges which are associated with the application of robotics in healthcare have been discussed critically within the study. The process to mitigate issues and avail most significant assistance through robotics in the medical sector has also been discussed with the entire study.

Keyword : Robotics, healthcare, productivity, efficiency

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