Neural and Rehabilitation Engineering: Applications, Process, and Role in the Future of Medicine

S.Santhosh kumar 1 , Karthick Ramachandran2

TBEAH . 2022 October; 3(2): 7-12. Published online 2022 October

Abstract : The rate of neuro-psychological issues has been increasing day by the day due to increasing rate of social and environmental pollution all around the world. It has been actually escalating the demand for neural and rehabilitation treatment worldwide. Neural and rehabilitation engineering is one of the key inventions of modern science which most significantly enhance the entire diagnosis, communication and treatment process in the neural and rehabilitation process. Hence, the study has been keeping its concerns on developing a superior idea about Neural and rehabilitation engineering. A number of concepts relevant to Neural and rehabilitation engineering has been discussed within the overall study. It also developed understanding on the applications and process involved with Neural and rehabilitation engineering. It helps to evaluate the role of Neural and rehabilitation engineering in future of medical filed. A large number of secondary data and formations has been gathered following inductive approach within the entire process within the study to comes forth with a suitable and effective output results. The study has been found that the application of various technological support through Neural and rehabilitation engineering enhance the treatment success and impact a positive role in upcoming future of medical science.

Keyword : Neural, rehabilitation, engineering, medical

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