An Idea About Utilization of Medical Technologies and Devices in Therapeutics and Diagnostic

Dr. S.V.A.R.Sastry 1 , Suresh B2

TBEAH . 2022 October; 3(2): 19-24. Published online 2022 October

Abstract : The study showcases the beneficial aspect of medical technology along with medical device that ensure the progression of therapeutics and diagnosis. Secondary data collection procedure has been chosen in this study to collect data from peer reviewed journals that made the study more reliable and validated with informative justification. Thematic data analysis procedure has been used in this study to interpret the significant data to meet the goal of the study. Concept of medical technology and medical devices along with its implication in medical field has been discussed over here. Health technology assessment also has been considered in this study focusing on social, ethical, medical and economic impact of medical technology. Implication of policies and strategies of medical technology also have been focused over here. Beneficial aspects of new medical devices also have been depicted in this study. Negative consequences have been evaluated here to measure the strength of medical technology. Overall justification of the study has been highlighted in this study to signify the subject of the study.

Keyword : Medical technology, medical device, health technology

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