Differences between Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Dr. P Hariharan 1 , Dr. S.V.A.R.Sastry 2

TBEAH . 2022 April; 3(1): 23-28. Published online 2022 April 15


Abstract : Technology has a great influence on biological science and with the help of biological science and programming bioinformatics and computational biology has the capability of changing the future of Healthcare. Bioinformatics and computational biology are the inclusive and interesting fields of biology. It is evident that both the subjects have some similarities but both have prominent dissimilarities to a great extent. Bioinformatics helps the scientists to organise large biological data apart from that it also facilitates DNA sequencing, structure anticipation and identification of function of proteins and so on. On the other hand, computational biology makes the biological ideology rigorous and experimental and at the same time provides better insight about the respective field. Computational biology allows the researchers to make the procedure of drug discovery more efficiently and seamless. In addition, it allows researchers to develop precise models with the help of 3D modelling to ensure a greater Healthcare system. Computational medicine has the ability to upgrade the overall Healthcare sector through est

Keyword : Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, DNA, Healthcare.

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