Comparison of the Effect of Boiled Cotton Swabs, Alcohol Swabs and Without Swabbing on Skin Infection before an Injection

Arihant chhajer 1

TBEAH . 2020 Jun; 1(1): 34-41. Published online 2020 Jun 15

Abstract: Skin infection is a type of infection that can be caused by bacteria, fungus, viruses or parasites. Nowadays, the world is going through a critical time which has affected the people in many ways and therefore, the people need to take care of their health and health-related problems to save the cost and time without compromising health. For the treatment of skin related infections, the medical professionals uses injections in order to make the patient comfortable and safe. Recommendations about the need to use alcohol before injection of the vaccine are contradictory and based on proof at low rates. Alcohol is used to disinfect the skin prior to injections in order to prevent infections caused by bacteria on the skin being injected within tissue. Alcohol has been shown to be good disinfectant, reducing the number of bacteria on skin by 47-91%. The preparation of skin of the patient before injection is generally done by washing the skin that is visibly soiled or dirty. Swabbing of the clean skin before giving an injection is unnecessary. If swabbing with an antiseptic is selected for use, use a clean, single-use swab and maintain product-specific recommended contact time.Therefore the idea of preparation for the injection site came into effect, but there are different recommendations for preparation of the skin before injection leaving nurses in confusion, and they took up the present analysis.

Keyword : Alcohol, Antiseptic, Disinfectant, Skin infection, Swabbing, Treatment, Vaccine.

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