Analysis of Innovative Drug Therapies via Nanotechnologies against HIV/AIDS: A Clinical Systematic Review

Basilio Joseaugusto Jose 1 , Dipak Maity 2

TBEAH . 2021 April; 2(1): 35-42. Published online 2021 April

Abstract : HIV/AIDS has become one of the key medical concerns as the infection due to the retroviridae family is not completely curable till now. However, the treatment band effectiveness of drug therapy has improved due to the research and investigation on nanoparticle technology. It has been identified that effective antiretroviral (ARV) delivery is possible with the help of a “nanodimensional carrier system”. The article has shed light on the ART and nanoparticle delivery system. Besides this, the utilisation of nanotechnology in antiviral drug and drug therapy has been assessed in this study to identify the future scope of nanotechnology in HIV drug therapy and treatments

Keyword : AIDS, ART, ARV, CYP Substance, Drug Therapy, HIV, Nanoparticles, Nanotechnology, PLGA.

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