Advancement of the Internet Of Things (IOT) and Point Of Care (POC) in Biomedical Engineering and Healthcare

Jeya Daisy I 1 , Eswari P2

TBEAH . 2021 April; 2(1): 22-27. Published online 2021 April

Abstract : This article is based on the advancement of the point of care and the internet of things in the healthcare system and biomedical engineering. This study has mentioned the advantages and benefits of the POC or point of care and IoT and the internet of things in the healthcare system and biomedical engineering process. From this study, it has been seen that, internet of things develops the process of treatment and it makes a huge impact on the technologies. Nowadays, medical professionals are using various kinds of gadgets and devices that help to track the patient's movements and recognise the disease easily. These kinds of devices are made up of high quality and updated sensors. Hitech quality software and premium quality sensor, strong hardware and high process chip help to recognize the frequencies, or body activities such as blood pressures, heart rate and others. This technology has some limitations that hamper confidential data and that is why it is required for high-protected data security processes. Advancement of the POC also makes an impact in the drug management also. Accordingly in biomedical engineering process gives the opportunities to take a high-power networking system that helps to get the actual and desired result from the technology. Point of care and the internet of things both are interconnected with the system and it makes a major impact on the field of the biomedical engineering process. At last, it can be said that, point of care applications internet of things make a renaissance in medical world.

Keyword : Chip, Devices, High-Capacity Sensor, IoT, Monitoring, Silicon Sensor, Updated Software

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